For anyone wanting to help with a mindless curation task over the Thanksgiving weekend

@bobby23 @jwidness and I have been trying to keep iNat in sync with the Mammal Diversity Database as an external reference for mammals.

This spreadsheet:
Lists all the iNat mammals not in MDD in the ‘not in MDD’ sheet. And all the MDD mammals not in iNat in the ‘not in iNat’ sheet.

If you go down the ‘not in MDD’ sheet, see if you can find a one-to-one match in the ‘not in iNat’ sheet. e.g. maybe a different spelling or in a different genus. If you can enter the MDD name in the ‘MDD name’ column of the ‘not in MDD’ sheet, e.g.

also please cross out the name in the ‘not in iNat’ sheeet since its now accounted for, e.g.

If the species is split off from something, or there’s other reason to suspect its legit (despite not being in MDD) please add some notes

Thanks for your help! It would be great to either bring iNat in line with MDD by swapping away these Not in MDD taxa / creating these Not in iNat taxa or documenting them in deviations.

(also if you happen to see any ‘not in iNat’ taxa that are extinct please note that in the ‘extinct?’ column)

Many thanks and happy thanksgiving!

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would it make sense to separate ranks above species to their own list?

Bump! About 80 left to match

Naemorhedus griseus should be listed as in iNat, but not in MDD.

Also Lagothrix lagotricha should be in the iNat list because MDD spells it Lagothrix lagothricha.

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