Formatting in journal post

I am trying to format one of my project journal posts

like this :


but it seems iNat removes the spaces automatically, since it does this :


Is there any way I can get the format I want without it looking like a huge mess?

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 Yada 1
      Yada 2
             Yada 3

 Yada 1
      Yada 2
             Yada 3

Is one way to do it

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so nbsp gets you one space - rather than repeating nbsp lots of times you can us ensp for a double space or emsp for a quadruple space (with the & character of course) - you just had me figuring this out, I wish I’d known it before today!


There are several ways to achieve this but probably the simplest is just to use the html <pre> tag. Just put <pre> before the ‘table’ that you’re trying to create using spaces for indenting and then put </pre> at the end of the table. To get something like:


You could even add lines if you wanted to get ambitious:

  │   └─Clitellata
  │       └─Arhynchobdellida
  │           └─Haemadipsidae
  │   ├─Arachnida
  │   │   ├─Araneae
  │   │   │   ├─Araneidae
  │   │   │   │   ├─Acantharachne
  │   │   │   │   │   ├─Acantharachne giltayi
  │   │   │   │   │   ├─Acantharachne madecassa
  │   │   │   │   │   └─Acantharachne milloti
  │   │   │   │   ├─Acrosomoides
  │   │   │   │   │   └─Acrosomoides acrosomoides
  │   │   │   │   ├─Arachnura
  │   │   │   │   │   └─Arachnura scorpionoides
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Looks better! thank you!

(For context, I made a project to find, store and create information about misidentified plant species and how to distinguish them)

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Looks great. Just a small suggestion: I would recommend putting the <pre> tags just around each ‘table’ rather than your whole post, otherwise you will end up with a horizontal scroll bar and sentences of text going off the right-hand side of the screen instead of wrapping:

The reason this happens is because in preformatted text (which is what pre means) you determine all the spaces and line breaks etc, instead of the browser guessing where best to put line breaks and so on to suit the user’s screen size etc.


Done (I think?)

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I don’t know for journal posts but in the forum it works if you add hyphens before (it creates lists) :


- Asterales
   - Asteraceae
      - Taraxacum
         - Taraxacum officinale


  • Asterales
    • Asteraceae
      • Taraxacum
        • Taraxacum officinale

But DanielAustin’s suggestion is a good solution, too.

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