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The little forum widget on my iNat home page hasn’t updated posts since Nov 24.


I always click thru to the forum anyway - but mine is also stuck with yours.

Same here, actually since yesterday I assumed something was off I think, but I just realized today that it is indeed stuck

EDIT:… but weird thing is, this thread shows in the widget as new (above “image missing now”)



I see four new topics right now:

(Note: I’ve since deleted “Test new topic for forum widget”)

I had #nature-talk topics removed from the forum widget 25 days ago, to bring less outside attention to them and keep to the forum’s priority, which is discussion about iNaturalist itself. I think the widget’s working as designed.

More broadly, for several months now the iNat Forum has had far more monthly pageviews than our plan was capped it (we were capped at 500k/month, and routinely had over 600k and sometimes 700k). Much of that was #nature-talk. After an email from Discourse (they wait a few months to see if it’s a consistent increase and not a one-time spike) we had to upgrade our plan last week. We’re now paying US$300/month for Discourse, double what we previously paid. I also want to make sure #nature-talk doesn’t take over site usage, so #nature-talk topics are no longer appearing on the widget - you’ll have to come to the forum to find them. I’m hoping this strikes the right balance. As far as I know, this is the first time anyone has brought up the widget since we made the change.

Right now, we’ve had about 580k pageviews in the past 30 days, and our top referred topics (meaning they were arrived at via outside links) are non-#nature-talk ones. But since this was such a big holiday week in the US, I suspect that could have reduced the number of pageviews. Will have to see how it shakes out.


Also, topics that are closed or marked “solved” don’t appear on the widget (thanks for the reminder @bouteloua).


Delighted to see that improvement! - don’t need to click thru to see