Fouling critters

I was thinking of doing some photography from my kayak on the fouling critters in the SF Bay Area, I am pretty new to kayaking but love it, I was wondering if anyone had any good information on the best tides to check for fouling and other creatures in and around structures in the SF Bay Area (where I would like to start). High-high, high low, low low…what is he best tide time to go looking? Thanks

I have no clue about the SF Bay Area specifically, but generally in intertidal environments it’s handy to set out an hour or two after full high tide. That way more stuff is getting revealed as your day continues, rather than you struggling to see everything before it gets covered up.


I also know nothing about SF Bay, but I would say if you do this often, try it out on all the different tidal levels. I say that because different organisms live at different heights in the intertidal zone.

It also depends whether you want to try to view the organisms when they are out of the water, or when they are covered in a shallow layer of water. Some organisms are much easier to see, examine, and ID when they are out of the water, others are very difficult to see and ID unless they are covered in at least some little bit of water.


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