Planning a City Nature Challenge event

Hello - I’m Peter Werner with the San Francisco Microscopical Society. We’re planning an Oakland Microblitz on May 1 where we take aquatic samples from a few spots in Oakland, California and then upload microscopical images of the microbes we observe during a live event (both on- and offline) that day. I’m interested to know if there’s a listing somewhere of City Nature Challenge events that we can add our event to, and how to be sure that our photos and later identifications are included in the City Nature Challenge tally.

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This is the Bay Area CNC 2022 project:

Any observations in Oakland taken on May 1 should automatically be included in the CNC as they are collection projects - no need to add manually or anything.

You could message the admins with specific question perhaps.


Are the City Nature Challenge totals going to be city by city or Bay Area-wide this time? Definitely affects where we might take samples for imaging under the microscope.

I’m pretty sure the Bay Area CNC has always shown results for the the nine county area it uses (all the counties that touch SF Bay). I don’t remember any city-specific numbers shown in the past.

For specifics, definitely reach out to the admins of the project, as @cthawley suggested. You can message them on iNaturalist.

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