Freshwater clam families?

ISO Clam Expert.

I am putting together a project for freshwater macroinvertebrate bioblitzes. I was going to focus mainly on arthropods but got a request today to include mussels. The freshwater mussels (Unionida) are pretty obvious but are there any other freshwater clam families other than Sphaeriidae I should include?

This is for the Western Hemisphere.


Yay for mollusks! I actually have already made a project for this.

I think North America should just be Unionida, Sphaeriida, Corbicula, Dreissena, and Mytilopsis.

You should also include gastropods! :)


Thank you!

I hope to get you more observations for your projects! I do have Pond Snails and Allies as I’ve made a collection project of non-arthropods. I will check out your gastropod project to fine tune the taxa.

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