Funny, long, or just plain weird animal names

Found this in some interesting facts of wildlife web page, too stunned to see a Floating Omelet out of nowhere.
This is a Fried Egg Jellyfish found in and across the Mediterranean Sea (nearer to Europe)


Brown bush warbler is so dumb cause literally all bush warblers are brown →

Firewood-gatherer →

And my personal favourite, the bokikokiko

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Whirligig Mites (Genus Anystis) is one that made me chuckle

The White-naped Honeyeater too - all but one of the species in it’s genus, Melithreptus (containing 7 species), have white napes.


Virgin creeper (100% safe for work – they’re plants in the genus Parthenocissus).

personally, I think it’s a little weird that there’s a genus called ‘necrophilia’ (carrion beetles, so the name makes sense, but yeesh)


Of all the world’s vultures, the only one in the Genus Vultur is… a condor.

… Which is a large species of vulture?

I’ve mentioned this one in previous threads
The Passenger Pigeon Louse, Columbicola extinctus
Turns out it’s not extinct… whoops…


Those aren’t even vultures, just distant relatives of Accipitridae.

I mean, it depends on your definition of “vulture” and preferred taxon scheme. Even “old world vulture” is a paraphyletic concept in some taxonomic schemes.

Batman Moth

The Joker

Darth Maul bug

Exasperating Platynota

Confused Woodgrain Moth