Gauging interest for fly (Diptera, maybe other taxa) identifying parties

I would definitely be interested in a Zoom workshop on syrphid ID and other flies. It’d be great to virtually meet some of the folks like you and your brother who have been so helpful with identifications!


You should search for the the bee monitoring group on Google groups. They are holding lots of zoom workshops for bees. They are also recorded. They use the discoverlife keys and focus on nearctic species.

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I second this. Seems like the relatively easiest place to start. Evenings would be best for me and I would be interested. I also like the tipulid thought as well but I’m completely unfamiliar with the group yet see them everywhere.

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Considering that different regions will have different species, it seems logical to have each session on the taxa of a given region at a time appropriate to that region.

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I’m very interested. But I’m just a beginner at this.
EST spotty internet connection so recorded zooms might be helpful

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Well yes, that would be ideal obviously, but a GREAT deal of work and maybe it would be difficult for someone based in (say) North America to go into detail on European species. Perhaps though ID to family, or even genus, level could be pretty well worldwide so useful to everyone. I’d certainly settle for that!

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Yes, like @lynkos said, this isn’t really a viable option for me. The only way this would work is if there were other people willing to lead these sessions.

Here are the options I can think of off the top of my head that I can lead at the moment (and am experienced in):

  • Species ID of Anthomyia (Anthomyiidae)
  • Generic ID of Eristalini (Syrphidae)
  • Species ID of a certain genus of Eristalini (Syrphidae)
  • Learn how to recognize some common genera in Cicadellidae and identify them to species (this could be split into several options, as I have four key outlines ready to illustrate) (key in creation process)
  • Species ID of Megarhyssa (Ichneumonidae)
  • Species ID of adult Lygaeus (Lygaeidae) (key in creation process)

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You can choose three options, so pick your favorites.

Some of the options refer to keys that I haven’t finished yet, so before discussing the taxon I’d want to complete the key.

I want to do somewhat of a practice party sometime in the next few weeks, so I’ll pick one of the options above (preferably an easy one, simple to understand and teach) to practice with.

I would suggest you try out for scheduling purposes.

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That’s a good idea! I’ll look into it.

This sounds terrific. May I have your permission to share this on the FB Entomology group, please? There are certain to be parties interested in this there.

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Sure, of course!

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I’ve put this out on both Entomology and Texas Arthropods. As for me, the only thing I’d ask is that, if at all possible, the ZOOMs not be held on Friday night or Satuday. I feel shut out of almost everything, because these seem to be the most common choices for ZOOMs. Otherwise, flexible: CST (Texas) is only an hour off EST. Looking forward to learning with y’all.

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Hi everyone! Been a while…

I’ve created a, and I’d appreciate it if everyone who is planning on attending the first meeting would put in the times that you are free. There are only several specific days on the list, as our schedule is pretty restricted.

Here’s the link:

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have you posted this on the discord? Unless you want to avoid a crowd…

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Yes, I did.

Just in #events though…

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@eleanor_macdonald @edanko @malisaspring @BlueDasher @michaelpirrello @astra_the_dragon

Looks like you all are available on Sunday, August 29th from 6:00 to 7:30 p.m., EST.

I’ve scheduled a Zoom for that date, so on the 29th you can join using this link:

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 720 9829 8792
Passcode: diptera

If something comes up in your schedule please let me know.

Also, if anyone would like to join but hasn’t put in a time on the when2meet, please let me know before the 29th, and I can either meet with you alone, or you can let me know if you’re going to come to the main session.


Time zone?

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EST, like I mentioned in the replied to response.

I’ll edit the link post and add the time zone there as well.

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Time not good for me, but not to worry… will the zoom be recorded so we can download it later. Would be VERY much appreciated :-).

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