Genus and species taxonomy of Eurema (Lepidoptera: Pieridae)

At present the there are seven species of ‘Grass Yellow’ in Australia, all placed in the genus Eurema. Two of these, E. hecabe and E. brigitta also occur in Africa. iNaturalist is placing E. brigitta into the genus Terias. So, on the face of it we have one species being placed into two genera. Has the genus Terias been re-validated?

Further, shouldn’t the Australian (and Indian) E. brigitta now be recongized as Eurema drona (Horsfield, 1829)? It was reinstated by Irungbane et al. (2023) [ hylogeography of the small grass yellow Eurema brigitta (Stoll, 1780) (Lepidoptera: Pieridae) unveils the existence of distinct taxa within the Palaeotropics.Austral Entomol0gy]. Or perhaps even Terias drona?

Cheers, Niel

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This should probably be a flag on the taxon itself

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See the discussion here:

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This flag should have been resolved long ago.
For Southern Africa we also have the situation that some get IDed as Terias and others as Eurema and that creates unnecessary disagreement.

Taxon swap to Terias is overdue!

(Perhaps a friendly curator will reas here :))

Be the change you want to see in the world and tag some people on the flag to get the process started :)

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People are tagged and they waited for input from other regions - as Eurema is not an African only taxon. But no response and then it probably got forgotten.

BTW: there are several taxonomic Lepidoptera updates flagged, but apparently there is no curator interested in African butterfly taxonomy.

Can someone please make a call for a curator taking care of African butterflies.

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Have you considered applying to be a curator?

I don’t know …

Yes, as @leytonjfreid noted and @kevinfaccenda helpfully posted, these types of issues should be addressed via taxon flags on iNat itself, so I’ll close the thread here.