Genus not found, but also found

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Step 1: In a project I administer, I’m trying to add Genus Melaleuca to the list of inclusions.

Step 2: Upon entering the name, several species appear in the dropdown but the genus itself does not. See 1st screenshot.

Step 3: The genus itself does show up when you enter it in the “Explore” field. See 2nd screenshot.

What is going on?

Could it be there’s a space after genus name you wrote? If there is, it won’t show. I assume you checked that genus is not in the list yet.

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Good suggestion. I just checked that and that’s not it.

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Can you add a link to your project? I’m not having any problems adding that genus to a list of taxa. Thanks!


looks like it’s there: image

I think it just sorts the list by order they were added, which I’ve had problems with in the past myself.


Well, I can’t deny that it looks like its there. When I entered inclusions for this project, I used an existing list I found online. Inclusions were entered alphabetically, but the list in the project certainly hasn’t kept them sorted that way.