Species search behaviour issue / bug

I think this is a bug, not the planned behaviour. I looking to add a new genus record, when I did a search for the name, I saw the name used in a different family (an insect, when it is a plant I wanted to add), that of course is fine, names are resued all the time.

I then went to the taxa page itself https://www.inaturalist.org/taxa and entered the name in the search box and clicked the button, leading to this URL:

I then clicked the taxonomic groups = Plants link on the side to further refine. This is the resulting URL ; https://www.inaturalist.org/taxa/search?iconic_taxa=47126&q=Monteiroa&utf8=✓

and these are the results:

2 issues:

  • why is the insect still showing when I have specifically said I want to filter to plants ?
  • why does it say there are 5 results, when clearly 6 things are there ?
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I can replicate. I rarely use this page but it seems like a bug so I’ll make a report.


In order to create the plant genus Monteiroa in Malvaceae, you go to the taxon page of the next higher taxon (in this case tribe Malveae) and add a flag there.
I have already done this for you. Please have a look at it, so you can do this yourself next time.

Thanks, I know how to add a taxa record, I have done in the region of 20,000 taxa additions. The issue here is the bug in the search which I simply documented how it was uncovered / could be replicated.


Added an issue here: https://github.com/inaturalist/inaturalist/issues/2555

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Now that i read your name … seems it"s getting late.


I wonder if there were some taxonomy edits going on at the time. I cannot replicate this right now with the specified URLs, and tried to replicate with other searches with no luck. Can anyone replicate this today? If so please provide URLs and I’ll check it out. Otherwise, I’m not sure what happened but appears to have been temporary

@pleary - OK, challenge accepted :wink:

Go to the same page, and search for Acca.


Click insects, which according to the link on the left has 1 item. The returned search has 2 items, an insect which has Acca as the epithet, but the plant genus will still be there.

I suspect it is something to do with an exact match, as the 3 plant species in the genus are not returned.