Genus Themisto goes to wrong Wikipedia page

Not 100% sure if this is the right place or where else I ought to report it, or if it’s possible for me to change it myself, but simply as the title says, the information for genus Themisto is about Greek mythology.

See here:

Should be pulling info from here:

Cheers :)


cases like this aren’t bugs per se (aside from a few exceptions), it’s just that the wrong Wikipedia article is being pulled in and iNat doesn’t automatically disambiguate. I’ve edited it so the right one is there now.

for future, best to directly flag the affected taxon on iNat, and a curator will fix it asap for you


I did once have a curator reply - the Wikipedia is nothing to do with iNat.

The disambiguation links, and the wrong ones do need editing. Perhaps curators who don’t Wiki, could leave them for one who does?

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this was in relation to the creation and content of those pages.

For cases where the wrong article is showing, curators can easily (in most cases) swap to the correct article by specifying eg Themisto (crustacean) instead of Themisto, or by just unticking the auto link to Wikipedia if an article doesn’t exist at all