Incorrect wikipedia page in 'About' or shows EOL page when wiki page exists

Platform: Website

Browser: Chrome

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Description of problem:
Attempting to resolve this flag (iNat About section shows wikipedia page for a film called Swallow) I checked the iNaturalist taxon ID on wikidata, which looks ok and can be verified with: Checked two other iNat site languages (Finnish and Danish) with wikipedia pages, instead a page from EOL is displayed!


There is a similar issue in this flag for

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I also met such pages last week.

This is a wider problem than the specific species mentioned. There are multiple flags for this very issue that have been submitted recently. Something is apparently recently broken in the codebase. Hopefully site reads this ands acts to revert whatever change caused the break quickly.


Today, a few minutes ago, the ‘about’ section for Hirundinidae when the iNat site language is Spanish, now loads a EOL page instead of the wikipedia page for a film called swallows as reported above.

Yet another flag with this issue:

@tiwane just curious if staff have even seen this. The number of flags on the issue continues to grow, and I dont see an issue on Github for the bug.


Yeah, I noticed it over the weekend. I’ll take a closer look and file something today.

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Added an issue here:

How’s it looking now?
’ Bron: iNaturalist
Viola is een sectie van planten met 24452 waarnemingen’

Should expect

743180-Viola is the Section, it shouldn’t link to, which is the article for the genus. 50829-Viola is the genus and it correctly links to the article.


Is the change to only show the wikipedia intro/summary intended? Previously the whole article was loaded.

From the flags & pages linked above: (flag)
en - summary only
es - summary only
da - no article (wiki page exists)
fi - no article (wiki page exists) (flag)
en - no article (wiki page exists)
pt - no article (wiki page exists) (flag)
en - summary only
de - summary only

Here’s what I’m seeing in Danish for

and Finnish:

I’m seeing full articles for all of the pages and locales you listed. Can you please share some screenshots of what you’re seeing, and maybe a screenshot or two including the browser console? This page has instructions for how to view the console for the most common browsers:

I now see the full wikipedia article for all languages for the three taxa listed in my last post!

i was one who flagged the issue at the bryophyta page in portuguese (brasil) seems solved now for this page showing the correct page. not sure site-wise how its going

(Spanish-Mexico) In the “Parodia” genre this appears:

the correct link should be:

It looks like the original issue reported here was resolved; I made a new bug report for the issue regarding Parodia and others.