Geotagging Photos

I recommend komoot ( Komoot | Finde, plane und teile deine Abenteuer mit komoot.) to navigate and track while hiking (or biking) and discovered just yesterday Garmin: BaseCamp Updates & Downloads for geotagging of the pictures.

Yesterday I copied the ExifTool in the c:\windows directory and suddenly the Geosetter pops up in the context menu. I did not find an outdated map when I was using it.

Garmin Basecamp allows you to adjust time when you geotag your photos if your camera time is not accurate.

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Smartphone users should turn on ‘location tag’ in camera settings. Works for me, and surprisingly when I’m off the grid.

Such metadata is sometimes lost with image manipulation, like resize and edit.

My DSLR does not geotag photos. I use an mobile app called GPS Status/GPS Logger, to acquire coordinates of locations of interest, and that is if I don’t get carried away with the fanfare of observing a unique/new species :-)

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Thanks for the recommendation! Looks better than my current app GPS Status.

I’m very late to this topic and missed it before googling an alternate solution.

I shoot with a Nikon DSLR and found the geo tagging with their Snapbridge app to be woeful. Had hoped to link the camera with a GPS unit eg Garmin, via bluetooth, but that wasn’t an option. Nikon have a GPS unit but it is bulky and power hungry. In my search for an alternative I found a 3rd party unit that was cheaper and uses 1/3 of the power of the Nikon GP-1 unit.

So far the unit has worked really well with accurate GPS image tagging straight out of camera. No extra workflow steps needed.

Previously, I used the GPS logger application, but my phone periodically fell asleep and track recording was interrupted (although in the settings everything was optimized for the application to work). Plus, the battery drained much faster. In the end, I switched to Garmin Etrex 22, on AA batteries, it records tracks perfectly, I really like it.

What unit are you using? I killed my previous one and I’m looking for something cheap.

I got the di-GPS, model PF-2DC. Search dawntech to find manufacturer.

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