Geotagging Stripped From Samsung S21 Photos When Transferred Through A Secondary App

So…I am not overly technically savvy being an old guy. I realize I can upload photos to iNat with geotagged location information. However, when I download photos via another app (MicroSoft Phone Link in this case) to my computer - often far more convenient for my working situation - my Samsung S21 5g has the geotagging information stripped from the file. I have my permissions set to allow for location information to be carried along to other apps when I download - but the geotag is still being stripped…can’t seem to figure this out!! I know I can take my micro SD out and do it that way…but what a PITA!

I do not use Microsoft Phone Link, so not sure about that, but you could use a cloud like iCloud or Amazon Photo’s, they retain geotagging when you download the image.

I found out the issue on this today - there is a known software bug that Samsung’s developers just haven’t bothered to fix!! Spent over 2 hours on the phone with Samsung tech support and they finally came clean and said it can’t be fixed - the only work around is to get the data directly from the SD card…way to go Samsung!!

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