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Here it says “Dein Beobachtungen” An E is missing . It should say “Deine Beobachtungen”

Where does it say “Dein Beobachtungen”? For me it says “Deine Beobachtungen”.

New comment on @vow_or_con{vow:an|a} %{parent} by %{user_link}

This one is one of the cases that’s hard to translate. Will %{parent} always be substituted by “observation” or can it be also something else?
Is it correct to translate “an” an “a” in “{vow:an|a}”? It could be just some variable.

If you check the translation in other languages for that string it’s mostly kept untranslated.

I also found a open issue on this topic here.

Here 42

Thank you!

I think I’ve found it and fixed it.

For reference:

Unfortunately I am unable to change “beobachtungen” to upper case :(

You’re welcome to post other problematic translations. I’ll gladly improve them.

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In the past weeks, I translated (or provided improvements for the translation of) the Seek app in German (99% are now finished). If the changes are approved by more people, or the original translation gets downvoted, those changes might be implemented in the next update. I was unhappy with the current translation, so a lot of the already approved parts I changed anyways (also, changed everything from ‘Sie’ to ‘Du’) Here you can participate and vote for the changes or improve them:


Many thanks for the correction.

I think being as well-translated as possible would be an advantage. Those who I’ve introduced iNat to or vice versa have been reluctant to use it in English (deepest Swabia is perhaps a little different from the northern reaches of Germany!)
Or maybe I just meet the wrong kind of people…

I just joined iNat, but have used and and want to share my experience so far. The reason I actually use iNaturalist now is that it feels more modern, is easier to use and photographer friendly.

But, what I am actually missing is the possibility to have multiple species in one observation (or at least the possibility to say I want to use this photo 3 times, because there are three species on it), as well as easily accessible species/sexes numbers. You can add the numbers with custom fields, but as soon as you have e.g. 40 adults, 10 juveniles and 4 chicks all with different sexes, things become difficult. Ornitho has a simple textbox + 2 dropdown menu setup, where you can then put e.g. “20 female adult”, then “20 male adult” etc.

Most of the reports done at the competing sites are actually without any pictures or sounds. This is of course also possible here, but it seems rather discouraged by UI design and the whole hobby and research grade thing. For someone who has been spotting birds for years, without photos or recordings, there is just no incentive to switch, if your hard work can’t reach research grade.

As for the language part, many birders are definitely not internet-aged and many (especially in eastern Germany) can’t speak English well. So a good translation would really help.

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Thanks for sharing your feedback pictuavis. Very nice to hear your perspective.
There is a ‘duplicate’ button for an observation, but its not quite the same as the tools your describe

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