Getting/creating a link to your observations so they can be shared, etc

More detailed description and invitation to talk about technical options at:

I thought this might be something Projects would/could use but I found no discussion.

Thanks for any ideas.

Added by moderator, text of the journal post above:

Is there a standard link to give people if you want to share observations? Is there a way to create sets of observations so, for instance, all are taken on the same day or at the same place?

Also might want to subset in other ways, such as by genus or by some other setting of an experimental variable?

I share links to single obs. Or to projects.
Can also share a link to a journal post - where you can in turn link to many obs.
Or build an URL with the filters you want.
I do that for my blog / FB readers.

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If I’m understanding you right,

Your observations:

Your observations on March 24th, 2024:

Your observations within Polytrichum:

You can use the search filters on Explore and then copy/paste the URL from your browser.


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