Sharing observation activity with a select group

Hi, I wasn’t sure if I’m able to do this on the app so my apologies if its not the right place. If so, could anyone explain how to do this?

I work with a team who is based all around England. We work mainly from home but, to encourage the team to get out at lunchtime, we wanted to start getting out in our local areas regularly and making observations. We’d like to be able to share and discuss our observations. Is there a way we can set up a group or perhaps a forum discussion through the app?


This is a fun idea. I’m thinking that an under-used feature of iNaturalist “projects” is the project journal, which can take comments. That would seem to be the way to go for your group.

  1. Set up a Project (see directions at Yours would need to be a “traditional” project with everyone joining as members.

  2. Show everyone how to add their observations to the project and encourage them to do this.

  3. Make some “journal” entries that encourage comments. Maybe a new journal entry every week highlighting some cool stuff seen that week.

This will take more attention than many projects, but sounds like it could turn out to be worth it. Good luck!


You can use a collection project if you are okay with all of your friend’s observations being included in the project. You can either set the parameters to a restricted list of users’ observations or set it to observations by project members (project admin can remove anyone that joins you project that is not in your team).

With this type of project you can do the same thing with journals that Janet mentioned.


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