Getting previous observations into new project

I entered several hundred observations on a property using just a generic location in the middle of the property. Now I have created five new projects, the first being a “Parent” with the actual boundaries of the property drawn, and four sub-locations where we are wanting to tract diversity in four different habitats. I am having trouble doing any kind of editing (batch or single) that gets the existing observations to show up in the four new projects. Everything shows up in the Parent, and anything new I enter shows up in the sections, but nothing existing that I am trying to pinpoint into one of the four sub- locations. I’ve tried coordinates, places, having no luck. I have noticed that where I have drawn a boundary for these four areas shows up a little off when I open the place or project. I have tried using coordinates in Batch editing to hit precisely in the center of one of the areas, but nothing shows up when I open the project. What am I doing wrong?

Can you provide links to the projects and to several observations that should be in them?


I FINALLY figured it out! I have to set the accuracy to 1 M , even if it showed as blank in the batch edit. After I enter the coordinates, I also add an accuracy of 1 meter, and it appears I am good to go. Thanks!


Now I can’t find a way to export by my projects or places. It won’t except the Place I created in the Place space, and when I enter the project I created, it still shows all of my observations, not just those for that project. I can open both my place and my project for that area, but not utilize them when doing an export. The problem is I am surveying moths, and cannot use date, because from midnight until dawn on one date is one lcoation, and from dusk to midnight on that same day is a second location. ???

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Ok, figured it out again. I realized that I have to enter the actual project ID #, not the Project name. Seems to be working fine now.


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