Batch edit to new "place" and project

Is there a way to batch edit a group of observations to be included in a new “Place” I created for the location where I took the photos previously. I set up a sheet in three locations on three nights last week. I created a parent for this large privately owned tract, and three sub-location places for where I will be photographing moths every month for the owner. How do I get the existing observations into those sub-locations and parent area utilizing batch editing?

You can’t use a “place”, but you can certainly batch edit observations and give them all the same location. If that location (coordinates and accuracy circle) fit within your new places, they’ll indexed in them.

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Thanks. So basically, we can just keep a copy of the coordinates handy, and use that each time I add records (or in this case batch edit). ???

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Without knowing more details, it’s difficult to say. How are you adding observations to iNaturalist? Judging by this observation, you’re using a dedicated camera and uploading via the web uploader. In that case, I’d recommend geotagging observations before uploading or using a pinned location in the uploader.


Yes, I’m using a pinned location when entering new, but still struggling getting the first batch of uploads into the four sub-projects that I created after I entered those observations.

There’s a feature request for accessing pinned locations from the individual observation edit page, but not the batch edit page.

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