Giant Clams Need Your Help

I’ve been curating the Giant Clams on here and need additional IDs to fix some observations.

There are currently 135 that are stuck at genus-level. Some need to be left at that, but most simply have a wrong ID or two that are mucking things up. I’ve given an identification on every single one.

Please help.


And a few stuck at subfamily.

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I know nothing about giant clams but willing to learn some distinguishing characteristics.

…T. maxima looks pretty.


There’s a decent guide to this group here, though it’s missing T. noae (which has little teardrop markings around the mantle) and the elongatissima group endemic to the Western Indian Ocean.

These clams can be pretty variable in their color pattern, so it takes a fair bit of familiarity to ID them reliably, but most aren’t too bad.



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