GPS location wrong

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Platform (Android, iOS, Website): Android REDMI NOTE 10 PRO

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Step 1: I take pictures with my phone, with the GPS tracking on

Step 2: in iNaturalist I import the pictures

Step 3: the location is there but usually wrong, close or far away from where the picture was actually taken.

if you’re taking photos outside of the iNaturalist app, i doubt this is an iNaturalist problem. look at the location recorded on the photo itself, and compare it to the observation location. chances are they match – in which case, you would just need to figure out why you’re not recording what you believe to be the proper location when taking photos. do you have bad GPS satellite reception due to buildings or tree cover? do you have some sort of energy-saving feature turned on so that locations are determined only at very long time intervals? do you have some sort of privacy feature in your OS or photo app that purposely records a low-quality location for privacy purposes? do you have a malfunctioning GPS receiver?

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thanks for the quick answer. it should indeed be a problem with my phone’s GPS… i’ll try to find out and come back here if problem is not resolved.

Another possibility is if you take a picture too fast (before the GPS can update its location) then you may get a GPS fix from your previous location on your photo.


This is usually the issue for me. Sometimes it takes a little while for your camera app to get your location. One option is to keep some sort of GPS track app going in the background, but that will also increase battery drain.