GPS requires media permission

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1.26.11 (541)

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Giving permission for “Files an media” is required to let the location be acquired using the phone’s GPC.

To reproduce failing GPS…

  • Allow permissions “Camera”, “Location”
  • Don’t allow permissions “Contacts”, “Files and media”, “Microphone”
  • Create a new observation with “no media”
  • Observe that the location is not set.
  • Attempt to set the location manually and observe the long/lat are set to 0,0, the “my location” symbol does nothing.

To reproduce successfully GPS…

  • Allow permissions “Camera”, “Location”, "Files and media"
  • Don’t allow permissions “Contacts”, “Microphone”
  • Create a new observation with “no media”
  • Observe that the location is set automatically.

I’m guessing this is the offending code:

A rough fix might be to simply remove this line:

I know next to nothing about android development, so I can’t say what the implications of such a change would be.

I’ll speculate about android permissions, assume everything I’m saying is wrong…
The permission ACCESS_MEDIA_LOCATION is used to grab location metadata off of media that’s otherwise stripped before being accessed to the app. I would guess that this permission check should be skipped, except when uploading photos from the device.

Curiously, there’s a permission called READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE, which does not appear in the app manifest. I guess that means that “Files and media” in the UI is activated exclusively to obtain the file metadata and uploading files goes through a flow that doesn’t require permissions (neat!)

I’d be happy to research android permissions further, if folks would find it useful, but perhaps the devs have some immediate expertise here.

I can replicate, I’ve sent log files to our devs.