Do Observations still count for the Great Southern Bioblitz if there is no project for the area you are observing?


How do we participate in the GSB program if there isn’t a group for the area we are making observations in at that particular time? (I have been making observations in the Blue Mountains, NSW, and I notice there is one for Greater Sydney - although BMs is not included in that project).

Do observations still automatically count, even though there isn’t an official project to add them to?

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It doesn’t appear that I can join the umbrella project either because it doesn’t include the area I have made observations in.

Great Southern Bioblitz 2023 Umbrella · iNaturalist Australia (

Join THE Umbrella project as well

When I click on ‘Join Project’, it says:

"Rules For Adding Observations - one of the following must be true:

  • must be in project Great Southern Bioblitz 2023: Mackay QLD Australia
  • must be in project GBS2023: Desafío Formosa
  • must be in project Great Southern Bioblitz 2023: Botswana South
  • must be in project Great Southern Bioblitz 2023: Gaborone & SE
  • must be in project Grande Bioblitz do Hemisfério Sul 2023: Microrregião Paranaguá - PR, Brasil
  • must be in project Grande BioBlitz do Hemisfério Sul 2023: Tefé e Região - AM, Brasil


It doesn’t include a project for the area I am making observations in, so therefore it isn’t part of the project’s parameters as far as I can see.

According to their website:

" What if I am in the Southern Hemisphere, but my area isn’t officially involved in the GSB?

All observations made on the iNaturalist platform during the GSB event will automatically be included in the event; your area does not need to be officially involved in the event. However, if you would like to create a project for your specific area or region for the BioBlitz event, check out how to register as an organiser on our page here."

I’m not sure if there is somewhere you can see that your observations are registered, but you could always quickly create a project for the Blue Mountains now, I suppose.

Thank you. I look at what is involved in creating a project but there is a lot involved. It is good to know that even if it isn’t part of a project, it will be automatically added.

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Here is mine as an example.
You can see it is included in our Cape Town project.
But also in the umbrella project - which will include any obs on the chosen days in the Southern hemisphere (and a few just North of the Equator too)

Think about it for next year! There will be help available with creating the project, and we have some zoom sessions for coordinators of each area beforehand which also help. On the contact page ( there is an option to subscribe to the newsletter, which will keep you informed about when things are happening.


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