Group accounts?

Can you explain group accounts? I thought this person had 64,000 obs and seemed to leave them all as unknown. When I looked deeper I found it was a group. However, the ID stats on that page was only 208 Ids out of 64,000 observations. I don’t believe I have left any of my Obs as unknown and have provided over 1500 ID attempts for others in the last year.
So, I do not understand the situation. Are there large organized groups of users that submit all their obs as unknown by design?

Can you post a link? Group accounts aren’t officially supported and while they do exist it sounds like this one may have some issues. Is it questagame? That has its own thread. Otherwise… if the observations are new I suspect it relates to the city nature challenge somehow

Indeed, it is questagame. Within the scope of recruiting idents, there is a large source there. Even if they make the effort and are wrong, it provides me an opportunity to practice corrective ID and th explain why. As a lay person I find the teaching more valuable to my learning than just a straight ID. So I didn’t want that point missed. I know there is no simple solution. I.e. If an initial ID is required, then we will have a spate of "state-of-matter’. To answer your link request, I just noticed the high volume of questagame entries in unknown and clicked their user link to find it was a group. Thank you for the link.

Oh, ha ha. The link was on a different post, so thanks for that link.

yeah, i believe there is another questagame thread we could merge this into or you could comment in.

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