3 IDs but still Casual and Unknown

@lotteryd on that note, this obs of a Little Penguin is stuck in Casual, despite having three IDs. Your ID is Animals. Why isn’t the obs research grade now there are 3 IDs?

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it’s because the observer has opted-out of Community ID


Ah, thank you. So the obs is stuck in Unknown forever? I wonder if the opt out was by mistake?

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If the observer would opt back in it wouldn’t stay Unknown forever. The user may not even realize the significance of it or remember checking that box. There have been other instances like that.


The Data Quality Assessment page on that observation is misleading, since it says that it needs two to agree before Reasearch Grade, and doesn’t mention the opt-out at all.


Cheers. The user has a number of other obs also listed Unknown. I’ll message them and see if they’ll amend their opt out to opt in.

Agree the DQA are could be improved with opt out included in the list.


how does some one do that?

In your account settings, if you uncheck the box under Community Moderation Settings: Accept community identifications, you opt out of community IDs.

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They can do that in the Account Settings for all observations, as you said, plus they can do it on a case-by-case basis just by agreeing with the community ID for a particular observation.


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