Guides not visible in ios app

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3.2 (could only find this by searching app store)
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ios app, More
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In the past I could view Guides on ios, even offline. Is this no longer possible?

No idea, but what I do know is the the guides are no longer updated or supported by the site, so any bug will likely not be fixed unless they redo the entire system for guides.

Ik, I-> Tandwheeltje-> Version in the very bottom end.

On 3.1.1 Guides seem to work and are nice. If i should have know i could have used them more. they are and 'winst" ( asset ?).
I must admit i am surprised the tandwheel is not that often visible

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Ah, I never found the settings, because I did not go into Me. I don’t use the app much.

The guides work ok-ish on the web version. I am still creating them, but I wanted to use one on the phone and no guides appear in the list, either under Your Guides or Nearby

Maybe there are no guides nearby ? I must admit they do not always show up. There was somthing with airmode, not airmode

I am in Oxford. Grasses of Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire should be local enough, surely.

I have the same issue with the Guide I created for our Schoolyard Habitat for the NWF. It’s a shame if the Guides will no longer be supported, especially since they are used as a learning device.

Our students used iOS (iPads, iPhones) for their tracking. Our Guide can only be found in the Desktop version, not in a mobile format. Disappointing.

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I agree. Very disappointing. Please could someone confirm that guides have been removed from IOS. And warn on the guides page.