Has anyone thought of making a slideshow program for species name and image viewing?

Has anyone thought of making a slideshow program for species name and image viewing? would that be doable with the API? Chatting with chatgpt made me realize its way over my head but it would be pretty cool to be able to see observations by region in a slideshow or daily image on a desktop or phone wallpaper or something. I feel it would be a good way of spreading the information of what species are in someone’s area while not needing to directly interact with the app. passive visual learning.

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You mean some kind of program that scrapes non-commercial licensed photos from iNaturalist?

Making it localised would be tricky I think. How would the program know what area you’d be in? I think people would have concerns around privacy, plus in some areas of the world I think there’s laws governing this.

Also, what about endangered species? Wouldn’t it be better to avoid highlighting where they are found? I am talking about things like rare succulent plants with highly restricted ranges and animals that tend to be poached such as pangolins and rhinos. I wouldn’t trust this program to fall into the hands of an unscrupulous person looking to make a buck off endangered organisms like that.

Otherwise, it’s a cool idea.

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iNat is on Facebook. In many threads - from iNat itself, daily photo. And the various regional hubs - I have Great Southern Bioblitz and a few for South / Southern Africa. It is available if people are interested.

Always with the open invitation … come to iNat?!

It has been discussed a few times, and @pisum made a version of this - see this thread: https://forum.inaturalist.org/t/presentation-mode-as-a-full-screen-slideshow-of-observation-images/8316


I kinda agree with dinofelis, about the threatened species. But it is a good way for those who want to see what is in a particular area. Would it be specific to only one observer or open to all? Isn’t this similar to eth projects though?

cool thanks thats pretty well exactly what I was thinking.

regarding the endangered species is that not the case with inaturalist as it is? What im looking for would only show the same results as what you could find on the site itself anyway.


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