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Hi, I am looking to either download all of my project photos to create a slide show to present to my organization’s Board of Directors or a way to create a slide show of our projects observations to stream during a virtual board meeting. If that is possible, I would appreciate the steps to making that happen. My board of Directors is interested in looking at the beautiful images taken at our properties and the names of the species so just screen sharing my project page will be overwhelming to them. Thanks for any suggestions or guidance.

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Thank you! I hope someone will be able to help me. Im really pleased with the observations we got this year and I think it will be a great way to wrap up are 4th quarter board meeting.

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The site has no tools available for bulk downloading of photos, even your own. Any photos you wish to use (which you must check the license status of to ensure the owner has licensed it in a way that permits you to use it) must be downloaded one at a time.


For what it’s worth, the Project pages look pretty nice, and the Explore page can sort of be used as a slideshow.
How many photos are we talking here?

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Hi @jdemas, it’s a little outdated (and the map seems incomplete/zoom level seems wrong on my screen), but the only thing built into the iNat website that does something like this is adding on /stats_slideshow to the end of your project URL:

There is a relevant feature request you may want to vote for:


Thanks for the responses! Its only about 250 so not too many in comparison to other project’s observation. I might just screen share the project page and scroll slowly.

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Thank you! I voted for that feature! I look forward to seeing that created :)

at 250 observations, even if they each displayed for just a few seconds, that would make for a long slideshow for a board meeting, i think. it would be one thing if they were just playing in the background, but in a virtual meeting, they would be more foreground than background.

compare slideshow:

vs collage:


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