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Hi everyone
i’m starting a citizen science project on invasive plants, and i’ve chose the amazing iNat as platform to collect data. I was thinkin to start the main project as a Traditional project, and start many Bioblitz as ‘collection project’ every 5-6 months to provide challenge to the partecipants.
Now my questions are:
-how could i take the observations made during the bioblitz and add them in the main traditional project?
-is there any chance to export the observation displayed in the collection project (like csv file for ex.)?

On the main page of traditional project is a link to search for obs, there you go and open filters, adding name of bioblitz as a project, from there you can add them. But have to say if you don’t have a big reason to use traditional project, better use collectional one, it sounds you need only taxonomical filteres.
Sure you can use csv export, opened also from filteres, but better use GBIF for that.


Thank you for the answer! the reason i’m chosing trad.project is that this project will last at least 2 years in wich i will organize several bioblitz as a ‘treasure hunting’ for inasive plants, with prizes and glory to winners; i was thinking that it could work like a ‘base’ project where i can add obs from bioblitz and other people, also it’s important that observations collected will be displayed in a map visible to everyone (that for providing feedback to voulnteers). As far as i understood, collection projects cannot work fine for me for this reasons but maybe i’m wrong!?

So, you want to gather data from bioblitzes only? Then creating an umbrella project that will store all of them sounds as easier way. Map is there in every type of projects.


Yes, definitely sounds like collection project for each bioblitz grouped under an umbrella project is the way to go. If you don’t have a specific need for one of the features unique to traditional projects, best to avoid them.

yeah i’m starting to think that umbrella is better, i will not collect data only with bioblitz, my idea was ask people to join the project and add the observations anyway they encounter an invasive species, but if my bioblitz, made as a collection project last for ex. one month and it will restart again every month i’ll get observations constantly wich is better than asking to add it manually. I mean, with collection every obs that match my project requisite will be added automatically. One thing is important: even with umbrella project i will able to export my observations georeferentiated? i’ll have to make some elaborations with gis software later on

Yes, you will be able to, you can do it pretty much anywhere.


Thank you so much for helping!

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