Help - how do I find my observation?

To give a little background, there are two observations of the same species here and on bugguide. An expert in the field has transferred them to a different genus on bugguide, so I thought I do the same here on iNat. The problem is, the genus name also exists for a plant, and I chose the wrong one. With the first one I did this to, I found the observation by searching for the date of the observation, which I got from my entry on BG. For the other one, there is no corresponding record, and I don’t know what the observation date is. I thought I’d try a trick to filter by level, selecting Phylum or something as the lowest level. That was another way that worked to find the first one, but it doesn’t work for the other one. Now I can’t find it.

If I could search for last-updated date of today, I think it should show up. I don’t know the observation date, but I know I updated it today. Is there a way to do that?

OK. I found it. I’d still like to know how to query by update time. However, now I have an additional question. I knew I added a comment: whoops wrong daltonia. When I search for daltonia in my observations, it doesn’t show up. Why not? Also is it possible to search by words in comments? Searching comments for whoops would have turned it up.

lots of ways to find your observations (note we’re filtering by identification taxon rather than observation taxon, since they could be different):

in this case, you didn’t need to consider the update date, but if you really want to filter by that, this is the only somewhat easy way that i know of to find an observation updated since a date/time:


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