Hide link behind text in profile


probably a silly question but I am just not too much into the tech side of things and don´t know. But should also be a super quicky :-)

I am listing some of my groups that still need ID on my profile page. I would like to hide the long link just behind the word, e.g. if someone clicks on “mammal” it leads the to my mammals that still need ID. How do I do this?

Thanks so much! :-)

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You can use HTML in profile bio to create links. Here’s a page describing how to use the HTML <a> tag to create links, e.g. <a href="URL">text</a>


Perfect, thanks a lot!

I put links in my profile by using the forum hyperlink option, then copy/pasting the result. What you get is something that looks like "(text)[link] on the edit page, but like text on your actual profile.

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