Hierarchical search for observation field values?

Hi! So a few weeks ago I made this “myrmecophile” observation field to make it easier to search for the interesting guest animals of ant colonies. I’ve used the taxon data type to note the host ant the creature was found in.
So the thing is, it would be nice if I could search by the host ants. Of course it is possible by adding the taxon codes after &field:Myrmecophile=, but this results in only showing observations with the exact value. For example if I want to search for beetles running aside Eciton army ants I could try by using &field:Myrmecophile=126834. This however omits most of the ovservations as more observations are tagged with exact species of the ant (like Eciton hamatum here) which are not included in this method of searching. Is there any other way to search for a taxon and its descendants on observation fields??

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I have solved that problem for the Associated species with names lookup field by downloading the data into a csv and searching within Excel and/or ArcGIS.

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So you mean: “do as much research as there are taxa”?

I too would have liked to use the power of observation fields to search using the taxonomic tree.

For example, on this link, I have all the observations of animals feeding on Asters (genus level) :

But I would also like to have the observations where the Aster species was specified (75 species with observations in iNat), or on all the species in the Asteraceae family.
This new search only returns data where only the family has been entered :


Same here! I really wish I could search for host=quercus and get all the observations with a host plant in the genus, rather than only observations whose host has only been identified to genus-level.

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In your example, you can search for observations just with the field “Feeding On,” filter by area or project if you want, then download the data. https://www.inaturalist.org/observations?verifiable=any&place_id=any&field:Feeding%20on.

BTW, several of the observations with the value “Feeding On: Aster” are misidentified. I think all the ones from North America are misidentifications.

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