Hovering over annotaion no longer displays definition

Platform: Desktop
Browser: Firefox,

Screenshots of what you are seeing:

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Description of problem

Usually, hovering the mouse over an annotation would list out a short definition of what that annotation meant, but now it just repeats the word I’m hovering over.

Step 1: Find an observation that doesn’t have annotations yet (I used this one in the screenshots: https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/153760131)

Step 2: Click to choose an annotation, then hover the mouse over the options.

This doesn’t change if the annotations are chosen, when hovering it still just repeats the word.

I see the same behavior on latest Safari on latest MacOS. But I didn’t know that it used to do something different, so I can’t personally attest to this being a behavior change.

i can’t reproduce:

Works fine for me in Firefox 111.0.1 and Safari 16.3 (18614. on my Mac.

  • have you tried turning off your extensions and seeing if that makes a difference?

  • can you please open up the console in your browser and share a screenshot of any error messages in it? To open it in Firefox, go to Tools > Developer Tools > Browser Console


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I turned of all extensions (which were ad blockers), but it’s still doing the same thing. Here’s a screenshot of the console, hopefully the right thing:

Thanks. I’m not seeing anything that jumps out at me. What happens if you try another browser? Do any definitions show, like those for Evidence of Presence or Life Stage?

I just tested in it Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, both are also just repeating the word I’m hovering over instead of showing the definition.

It does the same thing for other kinds of annotations like Life Stage, Evidence of Presence, and Alive or Dead.

I’ll turn on my twin’s computer and see if it does the same thing…
(Edit: NVM, she’s not logged in and IDK her password, I’ll ask when she gets off work)

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Would you be OK if I logged in to your account on our test server and tried it? That could narrow it down to something related to your account. As staff member it’s sometning I can do on the back end but I like to get permission first. Nothing I do will affect the actual live iNat server. And of course I don’t read messages or anything like that. Totally up to you.

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Yes, that’s fine!

I don’t know if it could have caused this, but for the record I have spent the past few days adding plant phenology annotations to thousands of pawpaw observeations, just in case that’s relevant, lol…

OK, that worked! Here’s what I think is happening:

When you signed up for iNat, we were stil using en-US as a locale option for new accounts. But en-US isn’t an actual locale on iNat. So the site is looking for annotation definitions in en-US, which don’t exist - they only exist in plain old en for English speakers.

What you can do is go to your Account Settings and change your locale to another language (eg English UK, hit Save Settings, then change it back to English and hit Save Settings again. That worked for me on our test server. It changes your account’s locale to en.

I’ll see if I can write up an issue for this.


That worked! Thank you :D