Cannot add annotation to observation

Platform: Desktop

Browser: Firefox

URLs (aka web addresses) of any relevant observations or pages:

Screenshot of what you are seeing:

[ID: A cropped screenshot of the identify page showing a common pawpaw flower, with the annotations tab open, with the annotation “flowering” greyed out and loading. End ID.]

Description of problem:

I cannot add plant phenology to these two observations, and neither can at least one other person. In the identify tab, the icon just loads endlessly until you move to another observation. Then, when you go back, it just disappears.

On the page for the observations themselves, the annotation disappears immediately after you try to add it.

This has happened a few other times, but it usually started working after a few tries, not so with these two. I’m on a mission to add annotations to all the observations of pawpaws, so this is a problem I notice lol.

the observation just needs to be updated to trigger a reindex, i think. i did a thumbs up on the wild DQA on the observation in your screenshot above, and now you can see the annotation that you added previously.


oh, that worked for both of them! Good to know!

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