Annotation not visible, can't downvote

Platform: Website

Browser: Firefox

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Description of problem:
Can’t down vote the annotation of “gall”. I know it is there because there is the notation “(1)” and these observations were in a collection project that uses observations with the annotation of “gall”. It just says “No relevant annotations”.

maybe @tiwane can help here.

I have confirmed the issue for the first two example observations: observaton page says there is one annotation, but won’t display it (Firefox 110.0.1, Linux Mint). I also examined the first observation via the api:, which confirms that it does indeed have annotation value “22|29” which translates to “Evidence of Presence: gall.” No idea why it doesn’t show on the observation page; definitely a bug somewhere.


I think what’s happening here is that since the annotation was added to the observation, I added some new taxonomic exceptions for gall, including order Phallales. When I tested that out I was pretty sure it hid all evidence of the annotation, at least on the user-facing end. Perhaps we made an update recently, the side effect of which creates this situation. I can check with our developers next week.


I found a tedious workaround which I used on a few observations. I add a disagreeing ID that brings it to Kingdom level which then makes the gall annotation relevant. I downvote the annotation then delete my ID. Didn’t work for a few observations where either I needed a second downvote or where my ID would be maverick and wouldn’t change the community ID.

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