My obscured observations don't show loc (to me) on iOS app

When I post an observation as location obscured, it maps correctly for me on the web site, showing the coordinates when I’m logged in as user.
The same observation does not show real coordinates when I’m using the iOS app. Thus I can’t use my phone in the field to find the observation.

Please when the iOS app is revised, allow it to show proper coordinates for an obscured observation to the user who owns that obervation.

Two screen shots. The first is from the web site, showing two observation pins; the green one is my “obscured” observation (the red one is another obs). The second is from my phone showing the same location. In this view the separate observation is pinned but the “obscured” one is not.

I’m not able to replicate this. Do you have the URL for the observation? And can you share the whole screenshot from your device, so know exactly which map you’re using?

Thanks, @tiwane. The URL is

Here’s a screenshot of the locality when I filter for “my observations” and “Sphagnum portoricense.” One observation is shown, but not 68458008.

And here’s a screenshot when I filter for just “my observations.” 68458008 is not in the list.

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OK, thanks - then you’re using Explore. Explore only uses public locations, even for your observations. But you should always be able to see the real location of your obscured observation when you go to that observation in the app.

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Thank you! That explains what I’m seeing, but now I have to admit that I don’t know how to “go to that observation in the app,” other than scrolling through 20K observations. Is there a way on iOS?

You can tap on it in Explore (you should be able to find it if you search in a larger area where the obscured point is. Otherwise probably not, the app isn’t really designed for much more than seeing what’s nearby and making observations in the field.

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sigh, OK! Thanks for the help.

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