How changes in observations are handled?

I’m interested, what happens if an observation is changed by the observer, after other people have added identifications, data quality votes or annotations to it?

It seems that if I change the photo of an observation which has reached research grade status, it stays research grade. Will the identifiers get a notification about this kind of change?

Or another case, what happens if people vote for location being accurate, and then the location is changed? (e.g. the coordinates from US to Australia) Will the votes remain?

I’m asking because I’m designing an annotation feature for another biodiversity data system, and facing the issue of changing data and complications it can create.


Test case: a research-grade white-tailed deer observation, with no photo of the deer. (Added the original photo back after testing.)

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To my understanding the only other thing that changes might be the “date modified”, which isn’t displayed anywhere, but you can sort by date last modified on the Identify page.

Definitely an issue that’s come up before (e.g. here), but no solution has been provided.

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Just a note that voting the different parameters as accurate is a very uncommon thing on the site, the overwhelming use of those is the ‘No’ options. Typically the Yes votes are only really used to offset no votes after the issue has been addressed.

The votes remain, yep.

No notification is generated for people who are following an observation there is any change in photos/sounds, location, date, description, tags, annotations, projects, or data quality.

If one votes for e.g. ‘not accurate location’ on an observation and suggest to the observer that it needs to be fixed, the only way that one would be notified that the observation has been updated is if someone makes a comment. That puts me off using the voting buttons for this purpose. I use them for things that aren’t subject to change, like ‘not wild’ or ‘no evidence of organism’.

They’ll be fixing that soon:

In the meantime I just make quick a comment to inform the user.

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That’s ace - I was trying to say, I would like to change my vote if the observation metadata improves - would be nice to be alerted about that.

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