How "confirmed species" at a place work?

I don’t know if this a bug or not, but it is bugging me
So in my regency page , some species are still unconfirmed, although i’ve observed them and they got “research grade”
Can someone explain to me how is this work?

I looked at the observations for that place. I’m not sure what you mean by an observation that has research grade but is “still unconfirmed.” The research-grade ones that I looked at all had an ID confirmation by another person. Maybe there is confusion about what “confirmed” means in this case. Can you give an example of one of the ones that is bugging you?

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I think they’re referring to this

yes you’re right

Make sure the accuracy of the observation doesn’t go outside the borders of your place.


I’m wondering the same thing, since for my local region, I know there are more species found than what is reported.

This is the most likely cause if you are seeing species not listed in a place which have been observed in that place (i.e. the pin is in that place). If any of the accuracy circle is outside the place boundaries then it isn’t considered to be in that place.

I’m not sure how obscured observations work. I would guess that they would only be included in places which include the whole square (otherwise it might be possible to work out accurately where the observation was made based on which place(s) it was included in).

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Obscured species usually don’t appear at a place’s list if the place is too small.


Yeah, I’m not sure what that “199 of 210 confirmed” means either. But the other suggestions sound helpful.


I see, i obscured my observations a lot because they were in my private places
Maybe the obscured location is out of border
Thank you

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