Differing species counts for "not verifiable" observations?

I’m looking at two versions of “Your Observations”, one of which shows all my observations using the value “&verifiable=any”.
Removing that last value in the API increases the observation count by about 57 observations and the species count by about 31 species:
I assume the increases are all “Casual” observations. I used the value “&verifiable=false” which shows the missing 57 observations, but it indicates that it involves “51” species, not 31. ???

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You have some species with both verifiable and non-verifiable observations. For example Ara macao you have one observation marked as non-wild so it would be counted in the verifiable=any list but not in the standard list. So the observation count will differ by 1, but the species count will be the same. And I suppose you have 20 species like that, so they are counted in both lists. And you have 31 species with only non-verifiable observations so that’s why those species are only counted with verifiable=any.

btw. 9000 species, big congrats that is incredible!


Thanks for the explanation. That makes sense. My “Casuals” are a mixture of duplicate species, cultivated plants, fossil shells, habitat images, etc. I figured that the calculation would be complicated.

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