How do I add a Project to a Place?

There is currently a Place “Kroombit Tops - Open Space”, with one Project - “Moths of Kroombit Tops Barracks”.
I wish to add a second project to this Place ( QNC 2015 December Kroombit Tops NP) but I don’t see how to do this. There is a tag to add the place to a project but that is not what I want - I want to add a project to the place.

I think the iNat Help section on Projects will answer your questions.

The process is actually the other way around - first you create a new project, and in the process you constrain it to a chosen place (or places).

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Thanks, but the iNat Help section on projects does not help my particular problem.

I have a perfectly good existing project, with several hundred observations, delimited by dates (not by the place) and I want to add it to an existing place.
Perhaps there is no way of doing this?

In iNaturalist, places do not have projects attached to them. Projects have places attached to them. In the setup for your existing project, have you specified the existing place you want to associate with your project?

If this isn’t making sense, then some screenshots of what you are seeing, and trying to replicate, would be helpful.

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More information - here is the setup for your existing project:

You will see that the Location is currently set to “Worldwide.”

Edit your project, specify “Kroombit Tops” as the location, and save the project.

Now if you go to the Kroombit Tops place, on the Projects tab, you will see this project listed along with the other existing one.

“places do not have projects attached to them” - but if you go to a place, and click on the tab “Projects” you will see what projects are associated with that place.

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Many thanks for the detailed reply. When I set it up, I didn’t realise that there was already a place “Kroombit Tops”. The date + time works fine to delimit our observations to this national park. For the time specified, we did not move out of the area, however your explanation shows that if I add the existing place, it will show up on the place. I’ll do that.

… and it works! Thanks.

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