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I apologize if this is redundant but I couldn’t find a search that helped specifically.

Me and a couple other collaborators have set up a project to survey iNaturalist biodiversity in Sleeping Giant State Park (https://www.inaturalist.org/projects/sleeping-giant-state-park-biodiversity). One of the people works with the park and keeps his own data but it would be great to utilize iNat to get more records from casual observers. So we would need to have the project auto-add the hundreds of prior records from the park but it doesn’t work. Oddly enough it only adds ONE species to the project!

I set up a collections project, added the three collaborators as editors, added “Sleeping Giant State Park” which is well outlined on places, and set the parameter to “Life” so all life forms will be included. Nothing works to populate the list. I know I have a lot of records from within the park, with no privacy boxes or big circles, and none of mine were added to the project despite being geolocated within the place boundary.

Is there a way to fix the project or is it impossible to auto-add older observations? Do I have to manually add everything, and will it auto-populate future records now that the project exists?



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Hi Ray,

Here are the requirements for the project:

Looks like for Taxa you are only accepting Arthropods. I would recommend removing any taxa restrictions, then anything will be fair game. Only add taxa if you want to restrict things.

For Media Type you chose “Photos and Sounds”, which means the project is only including observations that have both photos and sounds, which is a rare occurrence. Change that to “Any” to include observations iwth photos or observations with sounds.

More info about projects can be found here: https://www.inaturalist.org/pages/managing-projects


Yes, I had tried Arthropods alone but I think the issue was with the “photos and sounds”. I think I wanted to include both, but didn’t see the “All” option and only accepted observations with both in one observation, which explains the katydid being the only photo.

Well at least I know now!


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No worries. I think it’s cool you’ve got at least one observation with photos and sounds in the park, those aren’t too common!

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