How Do I Change Observation Locations?

I have several observations that have popped up in random locations. Possibly beacuse the camera was guessing the Lat-Long from the position of a transmitter mast or some-such.

I have been trying to tidy the locations up by editing them ni the map view. I can see the marker has moved, and the lat long has change. There is also a new marker in the new location. But the old marker is persisting in the middle of nowhere. If I repeat the process sevral times, the duplicate might eventually disappear. But one or two stll won’t go, even after refresh, log-out and log-in etc.

How do I get rid of those old markers? Any suggestions please?

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what platform are you using?
and are these locations obscured?


I’m not sure I understand exactly what you are seeing but it could be due to the locations being obscured as @astra_the_dragon suggests. You can see the location of your obscured coordinates in most of the time but in some places you’ll see the obscured location even when you are logged in which is a little confusing. Note that some species will automatically be obscured if they are at risk. I spent a few minutes wondering why I’d apparently observed something in a place I’ve never been due to this!


I think there is just a time delay because the servers are sometimes a bit overloaded these days.

So it should be correct in a few minutes even though it does not look OK right away.


If the problem hasn’t resolved itself due to server lag, as @susanhewitt suggested, perhaps you can share the link in this discussion so we can help. I suspect it might be obscured, as @astra_the_dragon hinted, either because it’s a protected species or because you clicked something you didn’t mean to.

BTW, I obscured some observations in a residential neighborhood an the results can be strange. One plant ended up in a bay!

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I just noticed the same thing with a newly edited observation of mine. There are two markers for it on the maps, one at the incorrect location and one at the correct location. Did yours resolve? I’ll wait and see if it updates by tomorrow.

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