Is this the hidden coordinate thing that people were talking about

Screenshot 2021-05-14 08.16.05


I do not know for sure, but I think that means this is an unidentified location, or that there is no imagery there.

Oh ok also along side it when I looked down to the location area it said somewhere in the world

That’s the case when the observation doesn’t have an ID or is at State of matter Life.

So its like that when its put as unknown?

Ah yes. Like, if someone observes a brown pelican in FL, it will pop up as a red marker, but as unknown, they don’t know what it is and can’t put the red marker indicating other observations of the same species.

Thank you I understand it noww

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Obscured location looks like this for non-trusted by observer users.

Does that happen when they generalise it from the public view or is it only for certain people

Done automatically for endangered species or manually by user, hidden for everyone but users in trust list of observer, also there’s some kind of unobscuring system for first case in websites from iNat network, but as there isn’t one for my region, I can’t say how exactly it works.


I work only on a PC so I don’t know how phones work. Your initial image is, as @thomaseverest says, when there is no identification. On a PC, hidden coordinates show up as a transparent red box in a region. So if I take a photo of an endangered bird in Winnipeg, the location will encompass the city but the exact location (a red dot) will be random. Some folks do it for non-endangered images. I don’t really know how to do that - I just use a range circle as most of my images are of life forms that move around. I have never used GPS coordinates. For images I identify, a rough estimate is good.

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