How do I expand an existing location?

How do I expand an existing location? Yosemite Lake Regional Park, CA, US already exists. Unfortunately, it doesn’t actually include the lake itself-only the park area. I was hoping to drag the boundary map over.

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Seems as it ws imported from another sourse, so probably a moderator can edit it for you. But if the actual park boundaries don’t include the lake I’m not sure, maybe a new place is preferred.

I can’t create a new place until I have 50 observations at the lake. I was hoping to include the park as it contributes to the ecosystem. Any idea how I could locate the moderator?

M, I don’t think you need 50 observations at the lake, any observations count.
@tiwane can you please help us with this case?

Looks like there’s a boundary listed here that includes the lake:

A curator can update the location for you rather than require creating a new place (I’m on my phone right now).

For creating new places it’s just a total of 50 verifiable observations, not 50 within a particular location.

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Welcome to the Forum and to iNaturalist @olynch1
Looks like you are fairly new with only 7 observations total at this time so you would have to get to 50 observations regardless of where you saw them.

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I was looking at the boundary that @bouteloua gave a link to on Google Earth at the same time you posted and I noticed it did not include the north area of the lake - possible private property? I mention this because this is where some of @olynch1 observations are. As well some of the western shore is not included in the park - might an expanded area beyond regional boundaries suit your need better @olynch1 ?

Wow, you guys are incredible! Thank you for expanding the location so quickly.


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