How do I find and fix my old mis-identifications?

Hi everyone,
So after a year and a half on iNat, I cringe to think about all the ID mistakes I made when I was first starting out. I didn’t yet have my preferences set to be notified when someone disagreed with me, so all of those mis-identifications are still out there.
Could someone point me to a tutorial about how to search my identifications- not my own personal observations? Or search for observations where I’m a maverick?
Thanks so much.


There’s not an easy way to do this, but these threads have some ideas that might get you in the right direction:


here are your maverick IDs:

and here is all of your IDs for other people:


@thebeachcomber How could I modify the second link to find my ID’s for others?

go to your profile, click the blue edit account settings button, and your user ID will be in the URL, then just substitute that into my URL


@thebeachcomber Thank you!

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Even easier than that: both of those search fields accept the username/login as well as the numeric user ID, so you can just type your username in the url in both places.


The low-tech way to do this, if you don’t like messing around with URLs, would just be to go to your Identifications page (, go to the last page and move forward. They’re organized reverse chronologically.


I have bookmarked the URL for my mavericks (and OCD check them each day when I login) I like to be IN the discussion as the ID comes right - if only to observe where I went wrong, or the Other Species I am now wary of. It only needs one maybe ID for iNat to brightly suggest Seen Nearby.


I’m not as concerned about maverick ID’s, in most cases (unless you were way off in your initial ID), a maverick isn’t affecting the community ID being correct. Usually I’ve got something like couple of dozen maverick ID’s, but they are all ones that I added because I disagreed with the 3+ people who ID’d before me.

The ones I’m more concerned about are the wrong ID’s that aren’t maverick yet, which is why I do appreciate it when people tag me for ones that are wrong.


Boy, looking at my maverick IDs is humbling (not that I needed much reminding of how little I know, mind you). I’ve now bookmarked the maverick URL as well.

A year and a half on iNat is really long time. I cringe at all my old ID mistakes. And some of my new ones!

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Some of it is ‘not my fault’ when someone works thru a taxonomy mess.
Anaxeton gave me a few days work clearing my newly hatched mavericks.

Once your backlog is clear, it is easy to keep up.

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Even better, use this link and replace my name with your own

It finds everything which is identified ABOVE species level that needs ID, and you have previously identified. It’s also filtered by date updated, so things which people have added disagreeing IDs to will be closer to the front.

It’s still a lot to look through, but it dramatically filters the list down.


So far - I haven’t looked at all of my mavericks yet - they are all my fault. Some sheer stupidity, some lack of knowledge. Oh, well, I’m learning a lot and that’s what counts.


This always happens to me - it’s very humbling!

I’m more concerned about the correct ones that are maverick.


I’m really grateful for both these urls. I try to stay on top of the comments and notifications for my IDs and delete where I’m in error, but given that I stress ID for a break from work, I’m pretty prolific and I’m sure I’ve missed some. What a great thread. Thanks for starting this discussion.

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So I have removed 2 maverick IDs. Now I have a long list of cases where there are 2 common confusions in a genus, and I was straightened out by a professor who kindly gave me some direction.

How am I going to continue to review the list? How do I skip the ones where the IDs I am competing with are wrong? I don’t want to rehash every decision but I would like to see new mavericks.

And these old mavericks are not going away. Many of them are from a class of students who piled on to their classmates IDs. The teacher has been convinced with some expert help, but the observations without the teacher’s ID are going to sit on my list forever.

Tag others to help you with id.