How can I find IDs that disagree with mine?

I’ve read here and elsewhere that I’m supposed to receive notifications when somebody disagrees with my ID. But if notifications are being sent, I don’t know where to find them. I’ve looked through updates and messages on my home page, I’ve checked my email, and I’ve looked at my IDs page (, and never seen anything that said I’d been disagreed with. I’ve now been disagreed with several times, but I have to open an individual observation to actually see that.

Is there any way I can filter my IDs for those where somebody has disagreed? Or for those where the community ID is at a more general level than my ID?

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You can search for your maverick IDs with a link like this:

I’m pretty sure it doesn’t show every disagreeing ID but it will show when the community ID is different from your own.


The problem with maverick IDs is that once you are maverick, it means the observation is already RG and your wrong ID does not matter anymore. You can also look for disagreeing IDs with this in the Edit Obervations tab of your profile✓&q=&search_on=&quality_grade=any&reviewed=&geoprivacy=&identifications=most_disagree&captive=&place_id=&swlat=&swlng=&nelat=&nelng=&taxon_name=&taxon_id=&day=&month=&year=&[]=&d1=&d2=&created_on=&site=&tdate=&list_id=&filters_open=true&view=map, but it does spot every disagreeing IDs, only a fraction of it it seems. Just change for your user name at the beginning of the url. Oh, I was not meaning to reply to you ghostburglar. Checking maverick IDs is very nice too!


The notifications are in the upper right of the website, when you click on the :left_speech_bubble: button. They only say “[user] added an identification,” though, without specifying whether the ID was agreeing, refining, or disagreeing with your ID. In your settings, you can turn off notifications for confirming IDs. Then all your notifications will be for disagreeing identifications (and refining IDs? I’m not sure.)

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I check my notifications - open most of them. Once I am comfortable with the ID conversation, I unfollow that obs

It doesn’t help me to not see agreeing IDs - it may help me to confirm my cautious ID. It may be agreement at a high level, but I definitely want to follow the unfolding conversation as it reaches a specific ID.

Either disagreeing OR refining, but the notifications will not say which, and you won’t know which until you open them. It’s a big problem for people who enjoy putting high level IDs on unknowns.

So it sounds to me that ajadewitt is receiving notifications, but not opening them because the wording on them is vague.

Keep in mind iNaturalist has had a complete overhaul of the notification system in the works for more than two years now. I imagine this is something which will improve in the new system, but at this point I’m no longer holding my breath waiting for the new system to go live!


That’s pretty much it. The notifications tell me something happened, but not really what. So I’m left with periodically going to my IDs page and scanning down, and hoping I can remember from the thumbnails when my ID was more specific than the current community ID. I probably will turn off notifications for agreeing IDs, but I doubt that will help much, since my IDs are rarely species-level.

Edit hours later: I forgot that the IDs page shows my ID next to the CID. That does make it much easier to track.

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Are you using the “Show More” tabs on the notifications? You can see everyone’s ID in there without having to look at the thumbnails. It doesn’t have the “improving,” “leading,” and “maverick” labels, though, that you can see by opening the actual observations.


No idea why, but it took me ages to stumble across this. Now I’m constantly using it.


the short answer is no, but the API can provide a little more information than the Identifications page and different information than Notifications. for example:

That first one looks particularly helpful. I may try to create a version that omits most of the columns I don’t need for this. Thanks!

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