Add ability to search for "controversial" observations

I’d like the ability to search out observations that have multiple, wildly different, IDs applied to them. They usually are the result of someone mis-typing an ID and neglecting to return and correct it, and often means the observation just lost in a sea of “stateofmatter Life” observations. It’d be nice to have an easy way to find them, without going through a thousand blurry “unknown” observations of unidentifiable algae slime.

Unfortunately, I think you would get far more things where students are being ‘funny’ by calling their classmates a primate or canine etc.

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Another way to sort for “controversial” observations would be by the number of comments, as lots of comments would usually indicate some disagreement or discussion.

You can search for maverick IDs, e.g.

There’s also something about searching for observations where most agree, some agree, most disagree, but it doesn’t seem to work quite the way I expect it to. Maybe someone knows how it works?
You can find it built into the search function for a single user’s observations, but I think it’s also possible to stick it in the identify URL, e.g.

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The 2nd option on the old search page of most agree, most disagree etc does not work anymore. All options return the same result set. I submitted it as a bug, I think back on the google group though, not here.

Hm, I don’t see the same results for and

Oddly, those options seem to work in identify mode, but do not in the normal observations page.

@graysquirrel, does something like: meet your original request?

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That is very helpful, thank you! Although it does seem to show all the cases where the observer added a wrong ID and corrected it, “disagreeing” with themselves. I can work with it though. :)

Do you want to keep this request open?

Gonna go ahead and close this. Feel free to send me a message if you want to re-open this to add further thoughts.

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