How do I make a suggestion for a location on the map?

I have realized that a large local park is not listed as a specific location in iNat. It is the Arlington’s Great Meadows, and I want to add it to a project for identifying native species in Arlington. The park is technically in the town of Lexington, though it is managed by the Arlington Dept. of Public Works, so when I added all of Arlington as the region, that was left out. I can’t figure out how to include the park without including the whole town of Lexington.

I think you need to create a new “Place”

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Thank you! I am posting a request for someone else to add it, since you need 50 verified observations to add one, and I don’t want to spam observations of solomon’s pume (which usually get verified right away) to make the grade. I posted it in General for more visibility, but if you could help, I will remove the second post.

Our group is in touch with the Arlington conservation agent, and the head of the parks department, and we would prefer to work within the scope of parks that they manage, so as to avoid complexity in our networking and project approval. Thus, we do not want to add all of Lexington (the smallest ‘place’ which contains the Meadows), but we would really like to add Arlington’s great meadows.

Arlington’s Great Meadows:
Project page:

Nevermind. It needs to be 50 observations, rather than 50 verified ones. I was able to add a place.

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