How do I make the observation's location to where it appears as a circle on both phone and computer

I think it’s the obscured option but it appears as a pin on my phone and a circle on the computer. I want it where when it appears on my phone it’s a circle and not a pin which has me a bit confused. So can any experts out there help me out?

I use Android, so can only speak to that:

Your obscured observations will display as a circle on the Explore page/tab on both the Android app and website. However, on the individual observation page, it will appear as an exact pin on both (as long as you are logged in).

For example, I’ve temporarily obscured this observation of mine, but because I am logged in and it is my observation, it will display as an exact pin on the observation webpage (screenshot below; technically it displays as both an obscured circle and an exact pin, because it overlays the observation pin onto the Explore map). But it shows as a circle on the Explore webpage (and the Explore map tab of the app).


Here’s how it looks on the Explore tab in the app. Notice it is displaying as a circle:


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